Libraries are the cornerstones of our democratic society.  Fortunately, some communities recognize this fact and provide adequate financial and moral support for their libraries.  In many other cases, however, financial resources are diminishing for all types of libraries.  Whether well supported or struggling along, libraries need to spend their budgets carefully and stretch their dollars further.
Library Discount Network was founded to assist all libraries in getting the most from their budgets.  We specialize in developing and maintaining vendor discount programs for library networks and consortia.  We would like to work with any library organization that is serious about providing the best value to its members.
In addition to discount programs, Library Discount Network utilizes its expertise to assist with association and nonprofit management, including organizational and parliamentary support.  Call or email us to discuss the needs of your organization and how we can help.
                                                                                    Anne K. Abate, Ph.D.
                                                                                    Library Discount Network