Nonprofit Management Services

Our experience on all sides of the boardroom and staff room will assist you through organizational issues.  We can serve as your fiscal agent, provide assistance with formation documents, review bylaws, or provide additional administrative assistance.  Coming soon - a registered parliamentarian available upon request to provide advice at meetings or answer your organizational questions.

·         Providing administrative support for chapters, associations, and nonprofit organizations

·         Maintaining a static mailing address for correspondence to your organization

·         Providing assistance with maintaining an archival record of nonprofit documents

·         Coordinating communication with board members and membership

·         Fiscal management

·         Monthly or annual invoicing and processing of dues and other receivables

·         Coordinating meetings and training events

·         Preparation of email marketing campaigns including newsletters

·         Monitoring of email correspondence to an organization for timely response to requests

·         Maintaining your web site with current information (member lists, services, events)